How we create amazing & fun Animations

Animations will help you promote your brand in a more fun and creative way, that will give your customers a super attractive visualization about your company.

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At the initial stage to understand the brand and requirement of the clients we set up a meeting. In this meeting we try to gain in-depth knowledge of the BRAND. This secession is helpful in strategizing Marketing activities for the brand.

We start with Brand logo with a complete package of initial branding which involves (Letterhead, Visiting cards, Diary, etc.

We send a first cut for approval where we get an idea of what you are exactly looking for?

Our team works on the feedback given by you and send revised work for final move.

After the revised file submission we expect final approval from this stage our work actually starts.

We send a final file where we show you variants of logo on different backgrounds along with some mockups for further move.

We will send a file where you get your logo color code, graphic style of the logo, graphics used, etc.

We provide you with a print file along with open file where in further you can edit whenever required. With this first cut you will get an idea on our creativity level where you decide to move ahead with us or no.

Featured Work

NSBIG MEDIA PVT. LTD. had an opportunity to work with one of the most renowned Brands from various industries and regions across the Globe.

Nursury Rhymes Half Ticket

Half Ticket

2D & 3D Animations | Branding

Nursury Rhymes Half Ticket


2D & 3D Animations | Branding


2D & 3D Animations | Branding

Vidya Prabodhan

2D & 3D Animations | Branding


2D & 3D Animations | Branding

2D Animations

2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX and backgrounds. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time

3D Animations

3D animation is the art of using motion to bring characters, vehicles, props, and more to life within TV shows, films, and games. 3D Artists are often involved in several early steps of the VFX pipeline in order to ensure they deliver an animation-ready model.

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